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Save energy, stay cooler, stylize your buildings appearance and get more privacy day and night with the industries top quality window tint and specialty films/vinyls.

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Residential Films

SunTek is designed for improved comfort, savings and privacy, and help address homeowner and dealer desires for style choices, advanced technology and flexible installation. Choose reflective or non-reflective, interior or exterior application, subtle or bold.


Commercial Films

Apartments, office buildings, restaurants and retail spaces can all be enhanced with strategic film installation. Our cost-effective solutions for safety, heat, glare, privacy and decor may improve both property value and tenant relationships.


Specialty Films

Specialty films open up new design solutions and creativity. They can transform standard glass into an architectural feature, without the expense of custom glass. They can soften and filter light. They can turn what was once an open, airy boutique into a private oasis for spa services. Or they can darken a room to transform it into a video editing studio.

WG Red BackGround Image 01.png

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